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Wolf Packs and the Lonely Writer

Writing, by its very nature, is a solitary and inward pursuit. Most writers will be able to identify with Proust scribbling away in his cork-lined room, averse to any contamination of his creative process by the outside world. Though the generation of the work itself necessitates much solitude, I have come to believe that, even for a writer, success usually requires other people to catalyse it. Read more →

Independent Writers: They Did It Their Way

The French have always done things in their own way. They’re headstrong and have a desire to be the best of the best of the best. They eat frogs’ legs and hold the Mona Lisa at the heart of their capital city. They have a 324m tower known as Eiffel and, most importantly, had the power to make McDonald’s change the colour of their logo on the Champs-Élysées.

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Sotted Wordsmithery: Does Liquor Make Good Literature?

Did Dylan Thomas’ fondness for drink go hand in hand with his literary genius?

Why so many literati happen also to be lushes is a ubiquitous question over which much ink has been spilled. Of the most well known American writers of the past hundred or so years, a third to a half were said to be alcoholic – a staggering (if you’ll excuse the expression) little statistic. 

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