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Dhow and Out in Mozambique

After lunch the Gringos snooze and swim some more. The crew find a mast and sail from somewhere in the bowels of the boat and hoist it for the homeward journey. Skimming along the waves at a great rate of knots, another round of tea is served with freshly made popcorn (is there no end to the uses of a bonfire on a boat?) I am beginning to be seriously impressed with our Mozambican sailors and wonder if they couldn’t be tempted to accept a job in Woolwich catering corporate weekends? Read more →

The Trieste Bora

We were in Trieste, Italy, for a romantic weekend break and had arrived by train from Venice. However, the TV weather report consisted of an explosion of exclamation marks lacerating the northeastern extremity of the country. Hundred mile-per-hour gusts had ruined our vacation. The Adriatic was frozen. I didn’t think moving water could freeze. Read more →

Travelling in Fiji

Mereoni, Lemeki and I lap up the hot sweet tea. Picking on the homemade coconut pancakes we sit cross-legged in the kitchen of their tin shack silently wondering where the taxi is. There’s not a lot else we can do but wonder with no telephone, no mobile, no PC. We are waiting for the taxi to take us from Nadi – Fiji’s capital - to Lemeki’s childhood home, Vatukacevaceva, and my new home for the next three days. Read more →

Tips for travelling with pets

Taking your pet on holiday with you has become increasingly popular in recent years particularly as more people are opting to take breaks in the UK rather than heading abroad. Although it’s worth remembering that even when you are travelling some distance, it is still possible to take your cat or dog, as long as you look into all the essential details first. Here are a few things to think about when planning your trip. Read more →

Working when on the road: tips for supporting yourself on an adventure

If you’ve always dreamed of heading off on a great adventure to see the world, the chances are there’s just one thing holding you back: the expense. You see, while access to a never-ending savings account would be wonderful it’s seldom the reality. So, if you’re not prepared to give up on your travel dream, just how do you make sure you can support yourself? We have just one word for you, and it may be simpler to achieve than you think – work. Read more →