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Re-Reading AM Homes: Los Angeles – People, Places and the Castle on the Hill

This is a city with an infamous dark side, shadowy figures, hard-boiled noir, the Black Dahlia, the helter-skeleter of the Manson family killings…This is where “Reality TV” was born. This is where O.J. Simpson’s car chase was broadcast live from a helicopter Read more →

The Trieste Bora

We were in Trieste, Italy, for a romantic weekend break and had arrived by train from Venice. However, the TV weather report consisted of an explosion of exclamation marks lacerating the northeastern extremity of the country. Hundred mile-per-hour gusts had ruined our vacation. The Adriatic was frozen. I didn’t think moving water could freeze. Read more →

In 12 Hours: Hope and Despair in Oxford

At 11.30am I was sent a booking confirmation for my two-night stay in Oxford. My bag in the car and the route roughly in my head; I drove away without thinking why. At 11.30pm the same evening, I was composing a cancelation email for my further night’s stay. My bag still in the car, I dressed in the day’s familiar clothes and left my tidy room behind. This is what happened in between. Read more →

Essay Saturday: In Bruges

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of how nice it would be, if I was here in this most romantic of cities with a love interest instead of my dear friend. Surely deep down Rhi and I knew we’d swiftly ditch the other into the nearest canal should Mr Farrell come barrelling round the corner all guns blazing to sweep us off our feet. And it would be no hard feelings… Read more →