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(Can You Believe) Her Name was Giselle?

From your deuxieme étage perch, you watch some of the most beautiful women in the world walk by carrying bread or flowers or fresh meat or heavy bags of groceries, or they walk their dogs never even once thinking in their lives of elegance and style about picking up their pets’ poop in public. Women who, as they age, get more and more beautiful and retain a Medusa-like quality that is highly imposing. Read more →

Dhow and Out in Mozambique

After lunch the Gringos snooze and swim some more. The crew find a mast and sail from somewhere in the bowels of the boat and hoist it for the homeward journey. Skimming along the waves at a great rate of knots, another round of tea is served with freshly made popcorn (is there no end to the uses of a bonfire on a boat?) I am beginning to be seriously impressed with our Mozambican sailors and wonder if they couldn’t be tempted to accept a job in Woolwich catering corporate weekends? Read more →