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Gary Siebel – Kerouac Drank Here

Photograph taken by Gary Siebel

I am a stinking drunk, old, dissolute, grizzled, unkempt; a writer. Like so many other decrepit desperadoes in search of their long-lost orgasm, the bars and strip clubs of North Beach, San Francisco, are my domain. The center of North Beach is the intersection of Broadway and Kearney, where sits the City Lights bookstore, publishers of Ginsberg’s Howl, in the 1950’s.

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Leah Griesmann – The Knothole

Haight Street smells like bong residue left on a beer-soaked couch overnight. The smoke from sandalwood incense wafting out of the Liquor and Vitamin store adds to the reek. Me and Edge sit on the cement outside Amoeba Records panhandling for change. Edge has a cardboard sign that says, “This is a stick-up,” mine says, “Got money?”

Last night we slept in the park with our buddy, Ramone.

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Fiona Glass – Spark to a Flame

Nick felt a fierce surge of joy as he struck the match. He cupped his hand to shield the sudden flare, the hot tang of phosphorus strong in the cool night air. It reminded him of childhood bonfire nights, of his Dad leaping about on their lawn lighting rockets and trying not to let the roman candles singe his eyebrows off.

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Litro #110: Street Fiction

Cover image by "Mr Brainwash", the moniker of Los Angeles-based filmmaker and pop artist Thierry Guetta. He has spent the better part of the last decade attempting to make the ultimate street art documentary. Meanwhile, inspired by his subjects, he started hitting the streets, from Los Angeles to Paris, with spray paint stencils and posters of his pop art-inspired images.
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Jill Widner – Bethel Street, You Could be Barcelona

They hadn’t spoken in nearly a year. Not since she had stashed the brown paper bag on the shelf for packages in the Asian Studies faculty mailroom, his name scrawled across the front, Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching taped-shut inside. Not since she had slipped the three-by-five index card in between the pages like a bookmark, you fucking coward, emblazoned across the surface with the damp fumy strokes of a broad-tipped, black felt marker.

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Iain Maloney – Old School

Step           step       step     step   step Kctrararararararara                      cladanck


We were sitting out on the steps and the cracks and the rolls and the

silence before landing


I was sitting out on the small brick wall enjoying new spring sunshine


trrrrrrrrrrr  tchi          trrrrrrrrrrrr tchi           trrrrrrrrrrrrrrr tchi         trrrrrrrrrrrrrr tchi


I dug out the old SKOOL hip hop from the days of youth


Kctrarararararara                       Krankachan cha


Beats beating through new Sony phones I got for my birthday

Surfed the subway to Sakae

to    hang     at the skate park


>>From: Yoko

>>Nothing yet.

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Jess Green – Chelsea Brice’s Boys

The curtains were still drawn, the bed was made, the photograph of me and Steven outside the laundrette was still gone, along with the only gold ring that she had left. I still expected her to be lying in bed painting her nails.

The wardrobe doors were open, revealing her row of black dresses and pile of shoes at the bottom.

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Josh Pachter – Ga Ja Mee?

The first time I saw her was in the Enge Kerk Steeg, the Scary Church Alley, in the walletjes, in the ouwehoerenbuurt, in the red-light district of Amsterdam.

They call it the Enge Kerk Steeg because the Old Church at the end of the alley really is frightening in its way, a massive hulk of filthy stone looming ominously over the twisting alleyways and canals of the ouwehoerenbuurt.

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Wolf Eyes

I am fix broken cash register when gunman come inside. I don’t know he has gun first, because gun inside pants, under jacket, and I don’t see. He look at menu, at appetizer section, thinking which is better, fried dumplings or eggrolls. He just stand there read menu, like normal person, but I know something wrong. I don’t like his eyes. In China, we can say we know man is good or bad from eyes. If man has Wolf Eyes, he is bad. Always true. Never wrong. I am very good at looking people’s eyes. This man has Wolf Eyes. Read more →