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Take Me Back To New Orleans

"Not having the requisite funds for even the first semester, I do the only logical thing. I head down to the nearest jazz bar, drink a lot of Louisiana beer and ask a 20 year old Texan what I should do. Unfortunately, the next day I can’t remember his answer." Claire Harris is somewhere between the borders as she drifts through three continents following her curtailed studies in New Orleans. Read more →

Somewhere Between The Borders: William S. Burroughs, Perpetual Expat

"Despite writing a book that was probably responsible for sending more kids into the big open world than the Lonely Planet, Kerouac was always more comfortable in America than abroad. It is his Beat pal, William S. Burroughs, who remained the near perpetual expat." Read more →

Somewhere Between The Borders: Supersonic Bus

"You are travelling from Port Harcourt to Yenagoa. Everybody knows the best place to board a cheap bus is at Mile One Bus Park, right under the bridge... Loaded shopping baskets have vanished from the heads of women who paused just for one quick bargain before heading home. Here, men have miraculously lost their penises." Read more →

Crying Poverty in a Guatemalan Airport

"There was only one thing for it: to beg. At first I ran around the airport with a cheap phone I had picked up. 'Desea comprar este', I said to anybody I could…from café to café, along queuing lines. The cleaning ladies thought this was a good laugh and wasted ten minutes of my time bargaining with me." When a young Westerner is forced to beg in a Guatemala airport, the role reversal makes him see things from the point of view of the people he'd come to help. Read more →

Litro #135: Somewhere Between The Borders – Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Here at Litro, we believe that emerging writers are just as important as the old vanguard – in fact, they’re often more important. Literature is constantly in a state of flux, adapting to social changes, new technologies, even the latest reality TV show. Books are – and always have been – part of a larger cultural conversation, one that isn’t destined to end any time soon.

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