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AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers

It’s an exciting time for African science fiction, marked most recently by the release of StoryTime’s 'AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers', a short story collection edited by Zimbabwean writer and publisher Ivor Hartmann: “If you can’t see and relay an understandable vision of the future, your future will be co- opted by someone else’s vision, one that will not necessarily have your best interests at heart.” Read more →

Short Stories: Tea at the Midland by David Constantine

In David Constantine’s short story "Asylum", a therapist asks a patient to look in a mirror and describe herself. The mirror is “a lovely thing, face-shaped and just the size of a face, without a frame, the bare reflecting glass.” Seeing ourselves unexpectedly reflected, transformed by context—these mirror-moments are what make great short stories, and they pop out often from David Constantine’s collection, Tea at the Midland. Read more →

Adam Marek on His Latest Collection, The Stone Thrower.

The Stone Thrower is a blend of subtle sci-fi and unsettling fantasy which explores the vulnerability of children and our desire to protect them. In this week's episode, the British award-winning writer Adam Marek talks to us about writing short stories and his fascination with the line between fantasy and reality. Actor Cliff Chapman then follows with a reading from the title story of the collection, about a boy with a mysteriously specific superpower. Read more →

Anthology: The Best British Short Stories 2011

UK paperback cover

There’s an art to ending a short story. A good finish leaves you feeling it was there all along, its signature running through everything like the words in a stick of rock. In TheBest British Short Stories 2011, editor Nicholas Royal emphasises how important a story’s ending is to him when picking out the best the form has to offer: “It may be an epiphany, or a change of heart, or pace or tone; a twist, perhaps, a revelation that calls into question everything that came before.

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