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A Tropical Bard and The Bard of Avon: Shakespeare in the Hands of Thomas Decker, A Sierra Leonean Dramatist

"And it was this way of life that Thomas Decker was challenging when he called upon his compatriots to consider their language as a legitimate medium not only for conducting ordinary conversation but also as text for conveying complex ideas." Why did dramatist Thomas Decker translate Shakespeare's Julius Caesar into Krio? George Tregson Roberts explains. Read more →

Wooing and Weddings: the ‘Hallmark Shakespeare’?

"Imagine the scene: an angry father hauls his young daughter in front of a city governor, demanding the death penalty for her disobedience in refusing to marry the man he has chosen for her." Does love in Shakespeare live up to the quotations often found on Valentine’s cards? Anna MacKenzie takes an unsentimental look at marriage in Shakespeare's plays. Read more →