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From Sri Lanka… With Love

I’d gone to bed in Hong Kong. A night full of regrets. And a do-not-disturb sign left swinging grimly from my hotel room door-knob like the newly hoisted frame of a young Southerner who had been seen cavorting with the wrong woman in the wrong era of American history. [private] Read more →

Q&A: Naomi Foyle on Astra: Book One of The Gaia Chronicles

Naomi Foyle - author of Litro's current Book Club pick, the engaging Astra: Book One of The Gaia Chronicles - tells us about female and teen sexuality in the novel, as well as her creative journey to writing the novel whilst supporting herself working in bookshops, bars, restaurants, teaching in South Korea, and working as a Tarot Card reader. Read more →

Orphaned – Sketches from Dystopia

"Dystopia is slower, less pronounced. Things spoil and curdle, the norms change, and what we expect from the world morphs into something new, where the expectations about our quality of life are lower, and life for the many is harder and sadder and revolves around surviving a version of our lives that is lesser, and harsher, than we knew before." Read more →