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The Symbiotic Relationship Between Literature and Film in Sci-Fi

I'm a big fan of symbiosis that exists between literature and film, as I’ve written a great deal about it in the past. I'm also a sci-fi fan because when technological background mixes with fantasy, it lets your imagination run wild. Often it presents us with a pretty grey image of the human race - where technology either destroys or takes over our lives. But these are the topics that make some of the best books and films in this genre. Without further ado, I present to you some of my favourites! Read more →

Judging books by their covers: 75 Years of Penguin Sci-Fi

‘Chocky’ by John Wyndham, Penguin, 1970

The main characteristic of the Penguin paperbacks we have on sale at the secondhand bookshop I work in is scruffiness. They’ve usually been read, re-read, loved, kept in pockets, stuffed under pillows and carried round in bags before being passed on to that great secondhand bookshop in the sky (or Charing Cross Road, in this case).

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