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Book Review: The Other Hoffman Sister, by Ben Fergusson

The past few years have seen, once again, a growth and movement behind nationalism. From the cries to ‘take back our country’, the rejection of globalism for protectionism, to Brexit and Trump, which have given renewed vigour to prejudice and hate crimes, we are facing a period in history that is beginning to reflect the ideologies and desires of the early twentieth century. Read more →

Marriage, Miscarriage

“Virginia. Her name is practically vagina. Of course, she’s a slut.” It’s New York. It’s infidelity. It’s hilarious.

The play centres around four friends and a hidden secret that reveals itself over the course of an evening of sarcasm and cough syrup… Hilarity ensues as the sarcastic Beth (Nora Goldbach), the ditzy Jenny (Larhysa Saddul) and her proctologist husband Larry (Hadleigh Harrison) unravel the past.

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