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10 Women’s Books in Translation You Should Be Reading

We asked Polish novelist A.M Bakalar to pick her list of 10 Women's Books in Translation You Should Be Reading. From the tragic recollections of student life during the 1980s political revolt in South Korea to the hypnotic stories of people's resilience by Marie NDiaye - if you'd like to know more about women's books in translation, this is where to start. Read more →

Laura Macaulay: Publisher & Bookseller at Daunt Books

I value the fact that I worked in bookshops first and then learnt publishing skills because I have the customer in mind when deciding which books to publish. I can walk down to the shop and talk to customers about why they’re buying a book and what they like to read. I think publishers can get cut off from actual book buyers. When you work in a bookshop, at times you open a box of books and think, 'What were they thinking? Why are they sending us this?' Read more →

Harriet Bourton: Editorial Assistant at Hodder & Stoughton

I got the publishing bug at university, when I was slightly in love with the editor of the university’s newspaper. His name was Matt, and he had delicious curly hair and blue eyes. I went to work for the newspaper but then found out that he had a fabulously pert, polished French girlfriend. I gave up on Matt. Read more →

Lewis Csizmazia: Book Cover Designer at Simon and Schuster

The editors can go two ways—they might give me a brief synopsis of the book’s plot and say, “It will sit alongside these certain titles, this is the market,” and then make suggestions. Or I have more freedom when it’s a debut author, and the editor just gives me a manuscript to read. I find that quite interesting. If I know the storyline more in-depth, I can put more of it into the cover. Read more →

Emma Lowth: Assistant Editor at Simon & Schuster

When I was younger, my mum thought I wanted to be a teacher because, to her horror, I would take a Biro and write in my books, things like 'good' or 'nice', commenting on certain lines. I recently discovered one of these old books when my parents moved house and saw I'd written the RRP on it. I think the business mind-set was there from the start. I only discovered later on, by chance, that a job in publishing was 'in there' all along. Read more →

Tales of a Modern Writer – Part Five

Getting published

Towards the end of my time in Cambridge I got the email I’d been waiting and hoping for. The magazine I’d sent the moth story to wanted to publish it. I’m not going to even attempt to explain how amazing it felt to know that not only did someone like my story, but they liked it enough to put money behind it in order to show as many people as possible.

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Radical Publishing: What Are We Struggling For? – The ICA, London, 19th March

Head to the ICA on the 19th March to discuss the state and importance of radical publishing.

On Saturday 19 March, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London will play host to an afternoon devoted to a discussion of the state of radical publishing. The event is a collaboration between the ICA and the international political writers’ group Through Europe. Invited panellists include renowned activists, academics, political philosophers and writers.

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