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This week on Litro Lab, actor Greg Page reads ‘Cascade’, story that will appear in our Augmented Reality issue this month. ‘Cascade’ by Iain Robinson is a short story that imagines the logical future for technologies like Google Glass. In ‘Cascade’ we see the consequences of opting into an augmented future— and the benefits of opting out.

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Podcast: Tatort, a German Pop-Culture Phenomenon

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Tatort Opening Titles

The Mädels With a Microphone investigate a German pop culture phenomenon, the TV cop show Tatort (meaning crime scene), which has been running on German TV for over 30 years.

Every Sunday evening at 8:15 pm, Germans love nothing better than to gather in their local bar to watch various fictional detectives solve fictional crimes in a different German, Swiss or Austrian city each week.

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Spreepark: an abandoned amusement park in Berlin

Spreepark, Berlin, during a festival in July 2012 in which the park opened its gates to the public and the old Santa Fe Express train took visitors on a tour.

This week, as part of our Mystery issue, guest podcasters Mädels with a Microphone explore the curious world of Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in Berlin. They uncover the sad story behind the park, its collapse into bankruptcy, and the destruction of the family who owned it.

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Sin City: Decadence and Doom in Weimar Berlin

"You couldn’t find anything more nauseating than what goes on in Berlin, quite openly, every day. The people there don’t know how low they have sunk. Evil does not know itself there. That town is doomed more than Sodom ever was." —Christopher Isherwood. Politics, poverty, cabaret and sex in Weimar Berlin, the city that flourished briefly and brightly between the wars Read more →

Everything Speaks In Its Own Way: An Interview with Performance Poet Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest's angry, heartfelt, sing-song performance style and allusive, pulsating writing come together to create poetry that's literary, musical and mesmerising. We talk to her about her love of hip hop, her first slams, telling her poems to squat raves and punk gigs, and the relationship between lyrics and poetry. We also hear some of the tracks from her fantastic new spoken-word album, Everything Speaks In Its Own Way. Read more →

Chinese storyteller Fong Liu tells the story of the Golden Reed Pipe

Chinese storyteller and musician Fong Liu is on the Litro Lab podcast this week, telling the story of "The Golden Reed Pipe", a traditional folk tale of the Yao culture, an ethnic minority who live in the mountains of southern China. Fong’s wonderful storytelling style combines narrative and singing to create a funny and idiosyncratic tale. Read more →
Richard Smyth

Short Story: “A Professor on the Lawn” by Richard Smyth

"You must be so brainy," the girl said. I remember that. I think – I think – that when she said that she was perched upon my arthritic old knee. I may have – you know – jiggled her a bit. Playfully. I don’t really recall.
We loved this funny, sad story as soon as we heard it. Read by actor Greg Page. Read more →

A Tribute to Robert McGowan (1947-2012)

This week on Litro Lab we revisit a short story that first appeared on the website in June 2011. Its author, Robert McGowan, sadly passed away last month. Actor Greg Page, a regular voice on Litro Lab, talks about his friendship with Robert, and reads Robert's story "Billy", about an American history professor struggling to find the words to talk about his own experience in the Vietnam war. Read more →

A Literary Mixtape: Featuring Saul Williams, Caits Meissner, Joshua Kleinberg, Matt Mason, Inua Ellams and Bree Rolfe.

In this podcast, you’ll hear Saul Williams read a meta-poem he has written using words from the work of the 100 poems in the anthology, Chorus: A Literary Mixtape, an introduction to 100 young street poets, students and outsiders he is championing. You’ll also hear the voices of some of the poets who contributed to the anthology: Caits Meissner reading "Kissing", Joshua Kleinberg reading "Transient", Matt Mason reading "Connections", Inua Ellams reading "Guerilla Garden Writing Poem", and Bree Rolfe reading "Non-Verbal Learning Disorder". Read more →

Adam Marek on His Latest Collection, The Stone Thrower.

The Stone Thrower is a blend of subtle sci-fi and unsettling fantasy which explores the vulnerability of children and our desire to protect them. In this week's episode, the British award-winning writer Adam Marek talks to us about writing short stories and his fascination with the line between fantasy and reality. Actor Cliff Chapman then follows with a reading from the title story of the collection, about a boy with a mysteriously specific superpower. Read more →

The Japanese Ghost Stories of Lafcadio Hearn

This week, Litro Lab takes a look at the Japanese ghost stories of Lafcadio Hearn and investigates the folklore of kai myths, Noh plays, modern urban legands, and horror cinema along the way. Listen to four of Hearn’s stories and interviews with folklore scholar Professor Michael Dylan Foster and Hearn expert Professor Roy Starrs on Hearn’s life, his source material, and the influence of his writing. Read more →

Sarah Waters on the Supernatural and Her Favourite Ghost Story, “The Monkey’s Paw” by W. W. Jacobs.

Sarah Waters, author of Tipping the Velvet and more recently, The Little Stranger, a modern ghost story fuelled by war trauma, grief and class tensions, joins us for this episode of Litro Lab. She tells us about her childhood obsession with the Pan Book of Horror Stories, writing The Little Stranger, haunted houses, and the lasting appeal of ghosts. She also recommends "The Monkey's Paw" by W. W. Jacobs and tells us why it's her favourite ghost story, which is then read by actor Greg Page. #StoriesWritersLove Read more →

Robert Lloyd Parry on M. R. James’ Ghost Stories

In the run-up to our Ghosts issue, which will go online on Halloween, Litro Lab talks to actor Robert Lloyd Parry about bringing the tales of the ghost story master, M. R. James, to the stage in his one-man show, and listen to his reading of James' "A School Story". Read more →

Flash Fiction Special: Feat. Tania Hershman, Vanessa Gebbie, David Gaffney, Calum Kerr (and Kafka)

In this Litro Lab episode, I talk to flash fiction writers David Gaffney (Sawn-off Tales, Salt, 2006), Tania Hershman (The White Road and Other Stories, Salt, 2008; My Mother Was an Upright Piano, Tangent, 2012) and Calum Kerr, Founder of National Flash Fiction Day (NFFD), about what makes great micro fiction. We also hear some of their work, and those of Vanessa Gebbie and Franz Kafka. Read more →
Sherwood Anderson

Alison Moore on Her Favourite Short Story, Sherwood Anderson’s “Adventure”

Today we kick off a new series on Litro Lab, where we invite a writer to choose a short story they love and talk to us about why they love it. Our first guest author is Alison Moore, whose debut novel The Lighthousewhich I recently reviewed for Litro—has been longlisted for the 2012 Man Booker Prize. Alison's pick is "Adventure" by Sherwood Anderson, from his 1919 story cycle Winesburg, Ohio: A Group of Tales of Ohio Small Town Life, read by actor Greg Page. Read more →