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Hazelwell Lane

Life beside ruins is a curious existence. The area I know may disappear, and there is tension, excitement, in this threat. I watch for change. I don’t want to stop at just tracking these changes; rather, I’ve started to entertain a wild fantasy, a selfish one. If I’m there often enough, maybe they will build around me. Read more →

The four ways Steve Jobs helped books

Remember when Apple Macintosh was introduced to the world? Remember those marching feet? Big Brother’s voice? The references to George Orwell’s ‘1984’? No? Here’s the video again for your viewing pleasure:

Introducing Apple Macintosh – 1984

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple


Was the advert just a clever advertising ploy or a genuine nod/salute to the power of literature and Jobs’ Orwellian dreams to change the face of computing?

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