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Anywhere Else

I wore the red nightgown borrowed from mom’s lingerie drawer. The color of swollen throats washed over my legs when I walked in it. A wasp in the carpet crawled to the edge of my bedroom wall, and later when I picked up my hairbrush it stung me on the palm of my hand. My window, loose in its frame, showed the gold-smoked fields of dried husks, the rainy roots of September on a farm.

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#Storysunday looks at a post- Brexit future: Porn Brownies

The walls are yellow, not magnolia. Nicotine finger stained yellow. I spray my hair, cheap stuff, smells like petrol. Push back, pin, twist the fringe, spray again. A wire hive on my head. Swirl the whiskey, cheap stuff, same colour as the walls. Gasp, grip the table, shudder as the yellow fluid runs. Glitter and gold, that’s what it is darling. Read more →