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Want to Escape the City?

I’d met A on the District Line earlier that evening. My mother disapproved of public transport. She disapproved of A. She approved of C, though, because C took taxis. C also played podcasts during sex—about cricket at first, and then about rugby, because cricket fucked with his pace. C was a deeply boring man. I slept with S to make C leave me. It worked. C and S are brothers. Read more →

Anywhere Else

I wore the red nightgown borrowed from mom’s lingerie drawer. The color of swollen throats washed over my legs when I walked in it. A wasp in the carpet crawled to the edge of my bedroom wall, and later when I picked up my hairbrush it stung me on the palm of my hand. My window, loose in its frame, showed the gold-smoked fields of dried husks, the rainy roots of September on a farm.

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