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Nina Melero: Spanish “Horror” Short Story Writer

I think that horror has traditionally been considered a "minor" genre, especially in Spain. Sometimes we seem to forget that horror is one of the oldest genres in the history of literature. The horror tale is as old as human thought, and it is present in the folkloric tradition of any culture, anywhere in the world, feeding on people’s natural fear of the inexplicable and the unknown—that which cannot be controlled. If you think of it, horror is an essential part of books such as the Greek Iliad or even the Bible. We also need to consider that the belief in the supernatural is the basis for any religion, so in a way it is a universal value. In general, I think that if we can define literature as the description of human passions, then the attraction and repulsion that fear provokes is not to be underestimated as a literary topic. Read more →

Dirty Intentions by Nina Melero

Hello, I’m eighteen years old and I feel damp. I live in the green house on Love of God Street. I’m the bathtub mildew.

I used to be attacked with all kinds of killer products, but since the flat was sub-let to the Dávilas, I haven’t had to worry.

I’ve settled into the two lower corners of the tub, and am planning to make my way surreptitiously to the back of the tap, which is most appealing, with all its metal nooks and crannies.

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Nightmares at the European Bookshop

Litro has always had a keen interest in short fiction in languages other than English, as well as stories from other cultures. We’re not entirely averse to the darker side of fiction either. So we are pleased to present ourselves on 18 October at the event, “Nightmares in The European Bookshop”, with a presentation and a live interview with Spanish short story writer Nina Melero, who will also read from her collection Tenebrario.

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