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Re-Reading AM Homes: Los Angeles – People, Places and the Castle on the Hill

This is a city with an infamous dark side, shadowy figures, hard-boiled noir, the Black Dahlia, the helter-skeleter of the Manson family killings…This is where “Reality TV” was born. This is where O.J. Simpson’s car chase was broadcast live from a helicopter Read more →

The Creative Writing Student: The Great American Literary Conference

In Britain we are well aware that the United States doesn’t do things by halves. The country is huge, there are animals that can swallow a person whole and they have national parks the size of my home county. So it should come as no surprise that the literary scene, too, is a great, growling behemoth compared to ours. One of the best examples and proofs of this is AWP, North America’s largest writer’s conference and bookfair. Read more →