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10 Women’s Books in Translation You Should Be Reading

We asked Polish novelist A.M Bakalar to pick her list of 10 Women's Books in Translation You Should Be Reading. From the tragic recollections of student life during the 1980s political revolt in South Korea to the hypnotic stories of people's resilience by Marie NDiaye - if you'd like to know more about women's books in translation, this is where to start. Read more →

Jung Chang, Ma Jian and Bi Feiyu on Chinese Literature and Censorship

Jung Chang's Wild Swans, her own family saga, celebrates its 21st birthday this year. In her interview with PEN at the Fair, when she was asked what it does for her now, reading it so many years later, she said, “Well, I’m not reading it. [Laughs] I think I’ve written it and it's been tremendously cathartic for me. It helped me turn a very painful past into memory, which is a luxury that most people in China don’t have, because we were not allowed to think about, to talk about, this period.” Read more →