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Self-Portrait as a Garage Emcee

If I could navigate the fuzz of traffic reports, dinner table jazz and topical chat Majik FM! is where, in the stillness between last bell and the latch announcing mum’s return to stagnant dishes littering the kitchen sink, I’d rest the red dial of the Sanyo cassette player bought, part-exchange, from a now-defunct branch of Tandy on Wandsworth High St. Read more →

Litro: 150 Britishness: Tygrys

There’s a stranger walking down the street.
His skin is plastered with a thick layer of dust and worn out at the knuckles. Like a wild cat, he treads lightly and barefoot on the wet asphalt. When he keeps still, he’s almost invisible, hidden in the thick paper and food waste undergrowth of the city streets shrouded in dense smog and a cloud of bad breath of eight million hungry commuters. He pauses, he breaths in the hot air – it stings the soft tissue of his lungs, like molten metal. It smells like deep fried fish and chips - thick like oil, salty like the ocean. Read more →

Litro: 150 Britishness: F/O/X/T/R/O/T

The creator sat at his window ledge smoking the third cigarette in a row. It was his usual solution to a usual problem. The deadline for next week’s cryptic was a few hours away and in time-honoured style he had a good five or six problems to set before sunrise. It didn’t help trying to work around what had been going on outside for the last few days.

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