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Five Reasons Why Living Abroad is Good for Your Muse

If you’ve ever slung a pack on your back and headed off to see the world, likelihood is you’ve kept a travel diary. And you’re not alone. Check out a beach bar in Ko Phi Phi or a hostel roof garden in Berlin and you’re guaranteed to see... the scribblers. Hunched over a notebook with a look of intense concentration and scratching away with breathless energy, these are backpackers who, before this, hadn’t written anything for years other than a Christmas card. Going abroad, it seems, not only opens your mind; it unleashes your muse. The question is, why? Read more →

We Are In Whitby

The rain comes as soon as we get off the bus. Heavy, windy rain, and as we struggle up the steps to our hotel on the West Cliff through the whale bones, we are soaked to our bones. We’re only here for one night but somehow, though we said we wouldn’t, we’ve packed a lot of stuff. Books, magazines, tea bags in cling film, hobnobs in Tupperware. We are prepared. But I didn’t bring another pair of jeans. Or a waterproof coat. Read more →

In Their Footsteps: The Brontë Sisters

The Brontë sisters (Branwell Brontë, c. 1834).

If London’s smoggy skyline, bright lights and bustling pavements aren’t helping you put pen to paper, maybe it’s time to leave the capital for greener pastures. Follow in the footsteps of Britain’s literary greats for a spot of creative inspiration…

People have often wondered how one little corner of 19th-century Yorkshire—the tiny, time-warped village of Haworth—could have produced an entire family of ground-breakingly successful female writers.

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Along The Mississippi River

The American roadtrip: a life-defining journey, racing along the desert highways to the leafy green of the National Parks or to the sky-scraping cities. It’s delighted writers and artists for generations  — we’ve all read the books, seen the films and heard the real-life adventures along Route 66, The Big Sur and the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s all been done before.

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