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Words Words Words at Selfridges

The pop-up library in Selfridges

The seriously stylish department store, Selfridges, has opened their very own pop-up library until March 1st. The 15,000-book library set up in the UltraLounge space in the basement area of Selfridges Oxford Street was curated by publishers Faber, Penguin, Tashen and Thames & Hudson. It aims to promote the beauty and power of the written word, and to reinforce the importance of libraries at a time when many libraries are being threatened by cuts and closures.

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Genre Games

If you’re a regular user of your local library – that is, if you’re lucky enough still to have one – you’ll be familiar with the way the libraries categorise books for adults. If it’s anything like my fine county, Essex, their libraries separate the fiction from the non-fiction, with biography, probably appropriately in some cases, occupying a no-man’s land between the two.

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Review: The London Word Festival

The book swap selection at the Goodbye Library show (London Word Festival).

Rob Fred Parker continues his coverage of the London Word Festival for, with reviews of shows The Goodbye Library and No Furniture So Charming.

On the 27th of April the Nave, a beautifully untouched church in Islington, hosted The Goodbye Library, held as part of London Word Festival’s ‘Libraries and Public Reading’ programme.

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How Do You Shelve Your Books

It’s official: Amazon now sells more e-books in the US than it does paperbacks. The gradual disappearance of the physical book could be the long-awaited solution to that old problem: how do you organise your bookshelves?

It’s a subject close to my heart; we’re moving house soon and the whole issue is going to raise its ugly head again.

I work in a bookshop, so I like to think that shelving books is a bit of a skill of mine.

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