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LFF: Sixteen

Appearing at the London Film Festival’s First Feature Competition, Rob Brown’s debut feature marks him out as a director to watch

It’s hard not to be cynical about a white middle class film director setting his debut feature in an urban landscape with a troubled black lead. All the hallmarks of the well-trodden urban street genre are apparent as Rob Brown’s Sixteen begins – the haloing light through the council estate windows, knife crime and a seemingly narrow exploration of social decay in inner city London.

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LFF: Computer Chess

Charming, funny and humane – Andrew Bujalski continues the mumblecore tradition with a film about the members of a chess tournament, set in the 1980s

Andrew Bujalski’s new film, Computer Chess, is a nostalgic nod to a more innocent time when computers took up entire rooms, men wore clip-on ties unironically and women went nowhere near anything that plugged in unless it was a vacuum cleaner.

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