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Toni Servillo in Le voci di dentro (Inner Voices) at the Barbican

Neapolitan Dreams: Le voci di dentro at the Barbican Theatre

This week, Toni Servillo - perhaps Europe's greatest actor - brings to the Barbican his production of Le voci di dentro (Inner Voices), a 1948 work by Neapolitan playwright Eduardo de Filippo. The piece takes place in a world suspended between dreams and reality... Read more →

Green Water

The path to the water is long and winding, cutting down past the bakery through the olive groves as the scent from lemon trees floats on the wind. For a moment Maria thinks she will go back; the July sun is hot and a line of sweat runs down her back. But she has come so far, she thinks. Her journey cannot end in a budget hotel on a main road heading out of town Read more →

Amourang by Matthew Licht

The Sea Empress Motel is right on the beach. Despite maxims concerning the setting of foundations, the architect, whom I pictured as a brush-cut, glasses-wearing fellow in summery attire, wanted his creation to have sand between its toes and breast the waves. He lavished nautical details on the place: a wrap-around tubular railing painted glossy aqua and a prow—a concrete outcropping from which guests could survey the horizon, the gaudy Florida skyscapes and the waves, which slosh directly below at high tide. The salt water and constant low-level battering have done the building some damage. Read more →