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Litro #138: Horror – Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Litro #138, our Horror issue. Within these pages we have some unique visions of what makes our skin crawl: hauntings and mythological deities, mad scientists and weirdly creepy trips to the cinema. What brings them together is the authors’ desire to make us scream. (If you want an example of how horror bleeds into the crime genre too, then be sure to check out our latest Book Club read – the dark and grisly Barcelona Shadows, by Marc Pastor.)

We’re thrilled to have a new piece from Toby Litt as this issue’s opener, a troubling short story called There was this boy I met at a party, years back.

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There was this boy I met at a party, years back

and I really don’t know if I should be telling you this, because you might even meet him around here somewhere or - even worse - try to find him and use him. But this honestly is what happened, and I swear I don’t like usually believe in ghosts or anything freaky - and he was definitely not a ghost because I touched him enough to be sure he was really there. Read more →