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Thoughts on the European Crisis: Trichet-Tricheur

"It's comfortable to think that now the Germans prosper while the others pay the prize for their transgressions. Your moral attitudes are flattered by this reassuring truth. But as the morning passes on and you reluctantly wake up the thinking self inside of you starts to react." Arndt Britschgi takes a closer look at Jean-Claude's Trichet's narrative of the European crisis. Read more →

Podcast: Tatort, a German Pop-Culture Phenomenon

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Tatort Opening Titles

The Mädels With a Microphone investigate a German pop culture phenomenon, the TV cop show Tatort (meaning crime scene), which has been running on German TV for over 30 years.

Every Sunday evening at 8:15 pm, Germans love nothing better than to gather in their local bar to watch various fictional detectives solve fictional crimes in a different German, Swiss or Austrian city each week.

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Litro #125: Germany – Letter from the Editor

Willkommen! At the helm of European policy, champion of the Euro, home of the largest economy in the union, Germany would appear to be one of Europe’s biggest success stories, its eyes fixed firmly on a brighter, stable future for the continent.

But the submissions to this month’s issue of Litro would seem to tell a different story. The Germany they describe is haunted by its past.

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