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Genre Games

If you’re a regular user of your local library – that is, if you’re lucky enough still to have one – you’ll be familiar with the way the libraries categorise books for adults. If it’s anything like my fine county, Essex, their libraries separate the fiction from the non-fiction, with biography, probably appropriately in some cases, occupying a no-man’s land between the two.

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“Hip” Young Adult Fiction

On a hot day, I like to take a blanket and a book into the back garden, lie with my face in the sun and think about how I’m going to make my first million. After studying an Arts degree, however, making a million is not as easy as it sounds. And so, I have resolved myself to the fact that if I want to be earning the big bucks, then I’m just going to have to be the next J.

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Nina Melero: Spanish “Horror” Short Story Writer

I think that horror has traditionally been considered a "minor" genre, especially in Spain. Sometimes we seem to forget that horror is one of the oldest genres in the history of literature. The horror tale is as old as human thought, and it is present in the folkloric tradition of any culture, anywhere in the world, feeding on people’s natural fear of the inexplicable and the unknown—that which cannot be controlled. If you think of it, horror is an essential part of books such as the Greek Iliad or even the Bible. We also need to consider that the belief in the supernatural is the basis for any religion, so in a way it is a universal value. In general, I think that if we can define literature as the description of human passions, then the attraction and repulsion that fear provokes is not to be underestimated as a literary topic. Read more →