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Food For Thought: Hazlitt, Malthus and the Tragedy of Food Banks

Whatever the outcome of the general election, the rise of food banks is a tragic legacy of the coalition government. An early 19th-century dispute between population theorist Thomas Malthus and essayist William Hazlitt helps deepen our understanding of government attitudes to the subsistence of the poorest. Read more →

For the Love of Leftovers

This blog series has been about my discovery of UK culture, but this particular article is inspired by a recent trip home to the States – a trip that showed me I have lived in London long enough to view aspects of American culture, once normal and unobserved, in an entirely new light.

How could you waste any of this?

It happened at a restaurant.

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Until 9 Sep: Afternoon Tea & Cocktails Inspired by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Aslan apple and almond slice, Fluffy Lucy lemon tart, Peter and the Professor peach tiramisu, white raspberry witches hat, Brownie wardrobe to Narnia… If you were mesmerised by C. S. Lewis’ story of four siblings entering a strange wardrobe and into the magical and frosty landscape of Narnia, you will be delighted to know that the book has inspired an afternoon tea menu at the Park Terrace Restaurant of the Royal Garden Hotel in London, for both adults and children. 

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Reading Donna Tartt’s The Secret History with The Novel Diner Supperclub

It was the enigmatic murmur of a “Bacchanal Brew” on the menu that first intrigued me. A three-course meal based on Donna Tartt's hugely successful 1992 debut, The Secret History, a Greek tragedy set in an elite liberal arts college in Vermont, New England, apparently fashioned on Bennington College, also in Vermont, which Tartt and her contemporary Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) attended. Read more →

Eating Blind at Dans Le Noir

Can eating the dark be more poetical than dining by candlelight?

Still arousing people’s curiosity today, Dans le noir (French for in the dark) is a truly unique dining and sensory experience. Food blogger,  Elsa Messi went to see if it could wow your senses more than a night-in reading Perfume.

Dining in the dark

This uniqueness lies within the concept, eating and drinking in total darkness and having a complete transfer of trust with your blind waiter.

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Craig Pay – Quarter Cherry Lips

"Quarter cherry lips," the shopkeeper says. "Fifty-seven pence." Henry looks at the tall jar of sweets. Then he looks at the pile of sweets in the scales on the counter and finally he looks up to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper stares back, leaning on the counter. He has slack grey jowls and thinning hair that needed cutting several weeks ago. His stomach rests on the counter, straining the buttons on his woollen cardigan. A hole has been worn away in the cardigan, just above his left breast, strands of wool fray at the edges. Read more →