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Kubo and the Two Strings: An Ode to Storytelling

"Sometimes I’d tell my mother stories about little things, like skimming rocks across the river or catching fireflies in the mulberry fields and when I told those stories I could see her eyes were mostly clear. I could tell she saw me. Really saw me. I could see her too. Her real self. Her spirit. Trying to find its way out. It was beautiful.” Read more →

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Literature and Film in Sci-Fi

I'm a big fan of symbiosis that exists between literature and film, as I’ve written a great deal about it in the past. I'm also a sci-fi fan because when technological background mixes with fantasy, it lets your imagination run wild. Often it presents us with a pretty grey image of the human race - where technology either destroys or takes over our lives. But these are the topics that make some of the best books and films in this genre. Without further ado, I present to you some of my favourites! Read more →

Old Hearts Crying: While We’re Young

They may be breaking in, but Josh is at the door welcoming them. He wants to feel the rush of youth again and try new things, discover himself, shield against reality a little bit and yes, do drugs. Read more →