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Feather Footed Kids, winner of the 2015 Litro & IGGY Young Writers Prize

In youth we were thunder-bringing, earth-shaking, feather-footed kids. We lived in the suburbs, all those perfect houses in rows and all their perfectly manicured lawns, but sometimes when we were in the neighbour-hood park we’d pretend we were somewhere else, somewhere rural where the fields stretched for miles until the clouds dipped low and kissed the golden horizon. Read more →

10 Women’s Books in Translation You Should Be Reading

We asked Polish novelist A.M Bakalar to pick her list of 10 Women's Books in Translation You Should Be Reading. From the tragic recollections of student life during the 1980s political revolt in South Korea to the hypnotic stories of people's resilience by Marie NDiaye - if you'd like to know more about women's books in translation, this is where to start. Read more →

Matt Mitchell’s Murderous Maniacs

"The first thing they tell you when you show up at drama school, is it don't really matter what it is: panto in the Falklands, some wanker out of film school's first, very personal feature, which involves you freezing your nuts off in a warehouse somewhere, screaming about your mum, you should never say no to a bit of work." Read more →