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The Ring Road

Image copyright: Alice Allan.

Today I miss Addis Ababa. It glitters in my memory, in its haze of smog and dust. It’s been nearly three years now, and the fog of nostalgia grows thicker. I miss our friends, good coffee, the way the eucalyptus shimmers silver and purple in the mountain breeze. I live in Central Asia now, and in this peripatetic existence I lead, it seems I am always missing somewhere.

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Lessons on Hate

I had a best friend, Alma, who lived next door. We loved to play kitchen-kitchen and spent hours in the garden cooking our twig and mud meals, or running around the village collecting stray kittens, which we hid under our beds. I was shocked the morning I realized that Alma’s house was empty, but I was even more shocked when my mother told me that Alma was a Muslim, and that she had to leave our village because it was unsafe for her family to stay. Read more →