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The Ring Road

Image copyright: Alice Allan.

Today I miss Addis Ababa. It glitters in my memory, in its haze of smog and dust. It’s been nearly three years now, and the fog of nostalgia grows thicker. I miss our friends, good coffee, the way the eucalyptus shimmers silver and purple in the mountain breeze. I live in Central Asia now, and in this peripatetic existence I lead, it seems I am always missing somewhere.

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Lessons on Hate

I had a best friend, Alma, who lived next door. We loved to play kitchen-kitchen and spent hours in the garden cooking our twig and mud meals, or running around the village collecting stray kittens, which we hid under our beds. I was shocked the morning I realized that Alma’s house was empty, but I was even more shocked when my mother told me that Alma was a Muslim, and that she had to leave our village because it was unsafe for her family to stay. Read more →

In The World Of Fake Celebrity Porn, One Man’s Destruction Is Another Man’s Salvation

Author, Micharl Grothaus delves into the weird subculture of porn fakers and the fans. The fakers, many wielding a talent most graphic designers and art directors could only dream of, merge the headshots of celebrities with the bodies of porn stars. Dozens of fakers make thousands of images that offer a level of wish fulfillment that Hollywood would never dare grant. Read more →