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Annals of Burp #964

unless you believe that belief in evolution is an innate phenotype arising from a single or cluster of genes that can be selected for—if this were the case, then in order for this belief to become mainstream, the straight women of Earth would have to decide, either gradually over aeons or more cinematically, en masse, to exclusively fuck academics Read more →

My Dead Ex-Girlfriend Is Now A Cartoon Rabbit

I’m not exactly sure how mourning’s supposed to go. At least, not this time. I’ve dealt with loss before. A young coworker’s tragic death at her sister’s wedding. An uncle succumbing to cancer. My childhood best friend’s mother to breast cancer, his father to Alzheimer’s, and him to suicide. Others were lost to drugs, age, or poor choices. Some, as Vonnegut put it, were gone simply due to “accidents in a busy place.” Read more →

Lessons on Hate

I had a best friend, Alma, who lived next door. We loved to play kitchen-kitchen and spent hours in the garden cooking our twig and mud meals, or running around the village collecting stray kittens, which we hid under our beds. I was shocked the morning I realized that Alma’s house was empty, but I was even more shocked when my mother told me that Alma was a Muslim, and that she had to leave our village because it was unsafe for her family to stay. Read more →