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Kubo and the Two Strings: An Ode to Storytelling

"Sometimes I’d tell my mother stories about little things, like skimming rocks across the river or catching fireflies in the mulberry fields and when I told those stories I could see her eyes were mostly clear. I could tell she saw me. Really saw me. I could see her too. Her real self. Her spirit. Trying to find its way out. It was beautiful.” Read more →

Limits of Empathy

I am thinking a lot about empathy these days – defensively, I might add – because my wife keeps accusing me of lacking this quality in relation to her. Of course, I readily agree. I sympathise with Cheryl’s pain but stop short of empathising with it. My saying this infuriates her even more, and she is the kind of person who has no shyness about retaliating. Read more →