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Annals of Burp #964

unless you believe that belief in evolution is an innate phenotype arising from a single or cluster of genes that can be selected for—if this were the case, then in order for this belief to become mainstream, the straight women of Earth would have to decide, either gradually over aeons or more cinematically, en masse, to exclusively fuck academics Read more →

Absolute Beginners

Bowie’s death brought with it an outpouring of grief across the world with millions of fans mourning the loss of their rock idol. I wasn’t a huge fan. Arguably his best work in the 1970s was a tad before my time. But as the opening bow-bow-bow-oohs emerge from my car speaker, a memory blossoms in my mind from the little space that the Starman will forever occupy. Read more →

Essay Saturday: In Bruges

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of how nice it would be, if I was here in this most romantic of cities with a love interest instead of my dear friend. Surely deep down Rhi and I knew we’d swiftly ditch the other into the nearest canal should Mr Farrell come barrelling round the corner all guns blazing to sweep us off our feet. And it would be no hard feelings… Read more →