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Litro #147: The Space issue – Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Litro #147 - the Space Issue. In this issue we explore the world’s ever-evolving urban social landscape. We’ve got art, stories, essays, cartoons, interviews - all examining the ways in which individuals and groups carve out their own spaces, dare to take up space and make their built environment(s) distinctly their own. Read more →

Litro #144: Transgender Issue Letter from the editor

Litro #144: Transgender

The Transgender Issue

Dear Reader,

Putting together a transgender edition of Litro has been a harder endeavour than you may imagine. Over the last five years, huge strides have been made towards better trans visibility and self-representation. In the US, Laverne Cox and Janet Mock have spoken beautifully on the challenges faced by trans people, particularly trans women of colour, whilst Chelsea Manning, Laura Jane Grace and Caitlyn Jenner have all raised the profile of our community.

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Litro #143: Detroit – Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Litro #143, our Detroit issue.

In 2005, two French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffrel, put Detroit back on the global map for all the wrong reasons – with their book The Ruins of Detroit, a collection of photographs taken during the pairs seven week-long visit to Detroit between 2005 and 2009, the book provided a testimony of the dramatic destructive cost of American Capitalism.

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Litro #142: Mexico – Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

When I say or write the word Mexico, I always think that the word itself is an enchantment. It sounds beautiful, looks striking on the page and always makes me feel I should salute or kneel. The word represents the country perfectly, as Mexico has produced some of the world’s great art and literature and continues to do so.

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Litro #141: Myths & Legends – Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

There’s something timeless about the best stories. While societies grow and history marches forever onwards, human nature hasn’t changed much over the centuries. It’s little wonder that we’re still fascinated by tales of Odysseus and Penelope, Odin and Loki. They may be immortal, but the gods of myth and legend are often just as human as you and I.

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Litro #140: Diaries – Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

The New Year is traditionally a time for looking forward. We plan and reprioritise, making resolutions and setting our course for the year ahead. Those of us who keep a diary are literally opening the first page of a new book. The next year sits blank, waiting for us to fill it.

Litro #140 – Diaries – looks both backwards and forwards as it considers the uses that diaries and journals are put to, and the secrets they can share.

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Litro #139: No Such Luck – Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

We all know the whims of lady luck. Looking back on 2014, most of us will have had our fair share of lucky breaks – and plenty of bad luck too. Here at Litro, we’ve had lots to be grateful for in the last year: the launch of our American website, our three events at the Latitude Festival in the summer, the publication of our ebook anthology Transatlantic in the US, and, of course, all the wonderful writing that has passed through our pages and our website.

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Litro #118: China—Editors’ Letter

China is impossible to describe. An ancient civilization, a vast nation, the largest population in the world. All true, but what is it actually like? How can we attempt to understand a country with 1.3 billion people? What could possibly be representative? At times it feels like the Great Wall—so vast it can be seen from space—is a mental as well as physical barrier.

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