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I don’t like the smell of the digital page

I have to admit, I had been thinking of buying an e-Reader for a couple of months, but I just couldn't make a decision. There were at least ten different devices on the market, all with different features: touch, no touch, color or simple ink, one that would allow me to be able to pay my rent or one that would let me call my mom for an emergency cash injection. Read more →

E Pluribus eBooks

Given its massive popularity, there is little surprise that iPad could take esoteric tarot reading and astronomy and make it trendy. Sandra Smiley tells us why e-readers won’t give more currency to the classics.

The e-reader’s success at the tills this holiday season has had pundits auguring a transformation in the way we factotums read – with the huge number of free classics available in electronic libraries, they argue, people will opt for literature’s opera magna rather than paying for the latest potboiler.

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