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A Hackney Anthology: Acquired for Development by…

UK Paperback (2012), Influx Press.

Acquired for Development by… is an anthology of journalism, poetry, and short stories about Hackney, a borough which has divided opinion; depending on who you listen to, it’s either a crime-infested shithole or the epitome of the new grunge cool. With this collection, editors Gary Budden and Kit Caless aim not only to depart from the official version of events propagated by the pro-regeneration camp, but also to steer away from the already well established counter-narrative, led most notably by writer and long-time Hackney resident Iain Sinclair.

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Join the Litro East London Scavenger Hunt & Win a Collection of Books!

© Torcello Trio / Flickr @stonechat

Summer’s here and we’ve organised a scavenger hunt for Litro readers around East London. But it’s not just all sun and games, you also stand a chance to win a collection of books! Here’s the challenge:

Twenty-nine envelopes containing old and recent issues of Litro are currently “hidden” in nine different locations – bookshops and art galleries – in East London.

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The Anti-Slam London: Anti Valentine Special

If you Google ‘anti slam’ you get a bunch of information about a pretentious-sounding poetry movement which took place in the Lower East Side of Manhattan a few years ago. Happily this event is absolutely nothing like that. The inspired idea behind this particular type of anti slam is a simple one: bring together a group of talented performance poets, and then challenge them to write and perform the worst poem they can possibly come up with.

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A Tale of Two Libraries

This month’s Litro has a bit of an East London thread running through it, which is appropriate for me, as I’ve been trudging the streets of the East End looking at libraries.

Five years ago today, the old Whitechapel library closed its doors and made the controversial move a mile down the road to a shiny new glass cube called the Idea Store.

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Extract from This is a Canvas by Jackson Martin

Chapter One

The first time you saw her, in person, was from the top of a red brick office block. You’d climbed the scaffolding that had gone up all around it, knowing the roof was just about the tallest spot in the area. Site is electronically protected. A cartoon portrait of a falcon or eagle. Where Provost Street met City Road.

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