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Dystopia: Kids Come Looking. Kids Come Back.

"I found Lilian with them where I’d left her playing on the sandbanks, a boy and a girl, the girl maybe nine, the boy younger, both emaciated, their clothes slack around their middles and short on the limbs... I watched her carefully for the next few days for signs of the infection, but none came." Read more →

Dystopia: “Are There Any Paranoids in the Theatre Tonight?”: Roger Waters’s The Wall as Dystopian Spectacle

"Are there any paranoids in the theatre tonight?" asked Roger Waters in his spectacular revival of Pink Floyd's dystopian classic The Wall at Wembley Stadium. Whether it's excessive surveillance, institutional corruption or barefaced profiteering, it's clear that there's plenty to be paranoid about... Read more →

Orphaned – Sketches from Dystopia

"Dystopia is slower, less pronounced. Things spoil and curdle, the norms change, and what we expect from the world morphs into something new, where the expectations about our quality of life are lower, and life for the many is harder and sadder and revolves around surviving a version of our lives that is lesser, and harsher, than we knew before." Read more →