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Adam Marek on His Latest Collection, The Stone Thrower.

The Stone Thrower is a blend of subtle sci-fi and unsettling fantasy which explores the vulnerability of children and our desire to protect them. In this week's episode, the British award-winning writer Adam Marek talks to us about writing short stories and his fascination with the line between fantasy and reality. Actor Cliff Chapman then follows with a reading from the title story of the collection, about a boy with a mysteriously specific superpower. Read more →

Short Stories: The Stone Thrower by Adam Marek

The stories in Adam Marek’s new collection are addictively off-kilter. They explore strange presents and even stranger futures: nano-suits, interspecies cloning, superhero dictators and earthquake-inducing seizures all make an appearance. But the real mystery at the heart of these powerful stories is rooted in the troubling dual nature of our attitude to children. Read more →