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Book Review: The Other Hoffman Sister, by Ben Fergusson

The past few years have seen, once again, a growth and movement behind nationalism. From the cries to ‘take back our country’, the rejection of globalism for protectionism, to Brexit and Trump, which have given renewed vigour to prejudice and hate crimes, we are facing a period in history that is beginning to reflect the ideologies and desires of the early twentieth century. Read more →

Classic literature – classic rooms

When re-imaging a room and thinking of a complete re-design there are many influences that you can seek inspiration from. Default ideas for children’s rooms are obviously characters from film and TV such as Spiderman, Batman or TV trash like SpongeBob Squarepants. If you wish to have a more refined and classy approach why not consider literature as your foundation reference points. Read more →

Book Review: The Turner House by Angela Flournoy

Struggling against a city in financial decline and still reeling from the wounds of civil unrest, the Turner siblings are faced with a dilemma. The family home their parents worked to buy has depreciated in value at a dramatic pace and their ailing mother owes the bank forty thousand dollars, though the house is now only worth four. More than a commentary on money and power, The Turner House is a tender account of the things that hold a family together. Read more →