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Janna Levin’s “Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space”

“We’ll continue to send a portrait of our best selves into space, a declaration that we were here, that we strove for understanding, that we often failed and occasionally succeed. We heard black holes collide. We’ll point to where the sound might have come from, to the best of our abilities, a swatch of space from an earlier epoch.” Read more →

Book Review: The Turner House by Angela Flournoy

Struggling against a city in financial decline and still reeling from the wounds of civil unrest, the Turner siblings are faced with a dilemma. The family home their parents worked to buy has depreciated in value at a dramatic pace and their ailing mother owes the bank forty thousand dollars, though the house is now only worth four. More than a commentary on money and power, The Turner House is a tender account of the things that hold a family together. Read more →

Leonora: A Novel by Elena Poniatowska

Growing up in a stifling upper class family in rural Lancashire, Leonora was born a rebel. A source of endless frustration to industrial magnate Harold Carrington, the father she both resents and resembles, she is repeatedly expelled from a series of Catholic schools. From an early age she is a 'restless soul', living in a world of her imagination. Read more →