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Spreepark: an abandoned amusement park in Berlin

Spreepark, Berlin, during a festival in July 2012 in which the park opened its gates to the public and the old Santa Fe Express train took visitors on a tour.

This week, as part of our Mystery issue, guest podcasters Mädels with a Microphone explore the curious world of Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in Berlin. They uncover the sad story behind the park, its collapse into bankruptcy, and the destruction of the family who owned it.

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Sin City: Decadence and Doom in Weimar Berlin

"You couldn’t find anything more nauseating than what goes on in Berlin, quite openly, every day. The people there don’t know how low they have sunk. Evil does not know itself there. That town is doomed more than Sodom ever was." —Christopher Isherwood. Politics, poverty, cabaret and sex in Weimar Berlin, the city that flourished briefly and brightly between the wars Read more →

The Anti-Slam London: Anti Valentine Special

If you Google ‘anti slam’ you get a bunch of information about a pretentious-sounding poetry movement which took place in the Lower East Side of Manhattan a few years ago. Happily this event is absolutely nothing like that. The inspired idea behind this particular type of anti slam is a simple one: bring together a group of talented performance poets, and then challenge them to write and perform the worst poem they can possibly come up with.

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