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Searching for Watt: Barry McGovern in Watt at the Barbican

You’d be forgiven for thinking we've perhaps seen all there is to see of the acclaimed Irish playwright Samuel Beckett. After all, there have been a myriad Vladimirs and Estragons left Waiting for Godot, and Krapp’s Last Tape must surely count as overplayed by now. Just when it seemed like there may be nothing new to discover in Beckett's work, along comes the frighteningly talented Barry McGovern to breathe new dramatic life into some less likely source material. Read more →

Other People

Of all the irritations of the cinema, other people are the worst. A modern cinema audience may chatter, eat, obscure the view, throw litter, snore and confidently make pronouncements on the plot to all and sundry. Friends will shush friends, then giggle. There are people who I know and love and have planned to murder for 90 painful minutes on a weekend, listening to them talk back to the characters on screen, self-censored by a half-whisper, which only goes to show they know that they are doing something forbidden. It’s true: you are. Read more →