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Photo by Michael Pittman (copied from Flickr)

Augmented Reality: A Pinch of Dust

"I have enough juice to handle any given morning these days, as I jump in my car and drive away in the particular direction of Ardwin Freight trucking company, where I jump in my white Freightliner cabover with Cummins engine, number 59, and pull out of their dirt yard in Sun Valley, where pimps talk the talk and hookers walk the walk, watching the numerous rear view mirrors so I don’t knock the chicken fence unconscious in the dust; life is good." Read more →
Photo by the Salford Institute for Dementia (Copied from Flick)

Being There, or Somewhere Else: The Power of VR to Improve Therapy and Healthcare

"Within universities and medical schools across the world researchers continue to make great strides in realising the potential of VR for a range of applications, including therapy and healthcare." Dr Matthew Coxon tells us of the unexpected uses of Virtual Reality in therapy and healthcare. Read more →

Litro #134: Augmented Reality – Letter From The Editor

Dear Reader,

Sometimes the future approaches at frightening speeds. It feels like only yesterday that we were wowed by the birth of the iPhone – now we’re living with gesture recognition for our gaming consoles, voice recognition in our cars, even iris recognition at some airports. Systems like Google Glass and Oculus Rift are breaking down the boundaries between the online world and the physical world – between fantasy and reality.

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Photo by Insipidon’t

This week on Litro Lab, actor Greg Page reads ‘Cascade’, story that will appear in our Augmented Reality issue this month. ‘Cascade’ by Iain Robinson is a short story that imagines the logical future for technologies like Google Glass. In ‘Cascade’ we see the consequences of opting into an augmented future— and the benefits of opting out.

You can listen to the podcast using the player below, or search “Litro Lab” on iTunes.

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