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Polarbear: A Rapper-Comedian-Poet Hybrid

When I was a kid, football and wildlife programmes were the two things I got most excited about. David Attenborough told me that polar bears have no natural predators, and that made them seem to me like the coolest things in the world. I decided that I should have been one. When I started rhyming and getting into hip hop I needed a name. There were a lot of aggressive names around at the time, and so I chose Polarbear. Read more →

Jeffrey Lewis: Comic Artist, Musician & Filmmaker

I do prefer the days when I could go to a comic store once or twice a month and find a new issue of Peepshow, Underwater, Eightball, or Optic Nerve: you wouldn't quite know what you were going to find that week, but chances are you'd find at least one new comic that you could be excited about buying for a couple bucks and reading on the train on the way home, or while sitting on a stoop on the street. Nowadays there's no point in going to a comic store more than twice a year, because all the same artists are only releasing their work when they've got eight years worth of pages to compile into a giant tome. There's no surprise about finding it, because now it's treated like a new novel or movie or album, with advance press releases and book reviews and signing tours, so you know in advance exactly when this new big thing is going to be released. Read more →

Adrian Tomine: the Raymond Carver of Illustration

I love Carver, of course, but I'm not exceptionally well-read, so I actually discovered his work when his name started popping up in reviews of my comics. I felt obligated to acquaint myself with his writing so I wouldn't look like a total troglodyte if it came up in conversation. I read that biography of him recently, and it was fascinating, but it also made me like him a little less, both as a writer and a person. But I'm an unapologetic fan of that whole school of realistic, modern short fiction. I love guys like Richard Yates, John Cheever, Andre Dubus. I'll go through phases where I get burned out on that stuff and then get really interested in something totally different, but those are the kinds of guys I always go back to. Read more →