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Darren Almond at the White Cube, Bermondsey

Total Engagement: Darren Almond: To Leave a Light Impression at the White Cube, Bermondsey

US philosopher Arnold Berleant spoke of the boundlessness of nature, our "sensory immersion in the natural world". Ellen Stone has similar thoughts about To Leave a Light Impression, photographer and sculptor Darren Almond's latest exhibition at the White Cube, Bermondsey, Read more →
Ken Garland, a portrait from Bob Dylan: Face Value

Like a Trolling Stone: Bob Dylan: Face Value at the National Portrait Gallery

Face Value, the National Portrait Gallery's exhibition of twelve pastel portraits by Bob Dylan, is neither a sublime manifestation of a poet's genius nor an offensive lowering of standards at the altar of celebrity. It is an entertaining act of trolling by a man having fun with his mythology - and what's wrong with that? Read more →

Truth, Memory and Memoirs

Sam Dodson ponders why we are so stung when the truths revealed in a celebrity memoir turn out to be lies. Conversely, why do we willingly watch, read and engage with fictions we know to be untrue, and yet still manage to find some emotional truth in these forms that we call real? Read more →

Rise of the Clones and the End of The New

With every sequel, with every repetition of form and the creation of tropes, our ability to find a little mystery we can relate to disappears.We begin to know what a story is about, before the narrative has even begun. And what’s the point of a narrative if you can’t find any secrets in it? Read more →

Death: A self portrait at the Wellcome Collection

One of the most resonating questions I was left pondering over was of representation. In many respects the contemplations of death, the associated images, the rituals and ceremonies built around the concept are all vicarious — somewhat removed from the morbid subject. As reflected in literature, philosophy, film and art, the thing that makes death so deathly is its distance, its unfathomable nature. It is perhaps because of this that it is such a consistently fruitful theme for the creative facets of culture — be it ceremony, art or ritual. Read more →

Artists’ Film: Under the Cranes

Cities are challenging: to live in and to define. They are each a unique life form constructed from many smaller ones. For some they are amazing, baffling or frustrating, particularly for the planners and architects responsible for so much of the life that goes on within them. For others, they are a place for living. You may feel alone in the city but you are actually always among others. Read more →