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AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers

It’s an exciting time for African science fiction, marked most recently by the release of StoryTime’s 'AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers', a short story collection edited by Zimbabwean writer and publisher Ivor Hartmann: “If you can’t see and relay an understandable vision of the future, your future will be co- opted by someone else’s vision, one that will not necessarily have your best interests at heart.” Read more →

Short Stories: Tea at the Midland by David Constantine

In David Constantine’s short story "Asylum", a therapist asks a patient to look in a mirror and describe herself. The mirror is “a lovely thing, face-shaped and just the size of a face, without a frame, the bare reflecting glass.” Seeing ourselves unexpectedly reflected, transformed by context—these mirror-moments are what make great short stories, and they pop out often from David Constantine’s collection, Tea at the Midland. Read more →

A Literary Mixtape: Featuring Saul Williams, Caits Meissner, Joshua Kleinberg, Matt Mason, Inua Ellams and Bree Rolfe.

In this podcast, you’ll hear Saul Williams read a meta-poem he has written using words from the work of the 100 poems in the anthology, Chorus: A Literary Mixtape, an introduction to 100 young street poets, students and outsiders he is championing. You’ll also hear the voices of some of the poets who contributed to the anthology: Caits Meissner reading "Kissing", Joshua Kleinberg reading "Transient", Matt Mason reading "Connections", Inua Ellams reading "Guerilla Garden Writing Poem", and Bree Rolfe reading "Non-Verbal Learning Disorder". Read more →

A Hackney Anthology: Acquired for Development by…

UK Paperback (2012), Influx Press.

Acquired for Development by… is an anthology of journalism, poetry, and short stories about Hackney, a borough which has divided opinion; depending on who you listen to, it’s either a crime-infested shithole or the epitome of the new grunge cool. With this collection, editors Gary Budden and Kit Caless aim not only to depart from the official version of events propagated by the pro-regeneration camp, but also to steer away from the already well established counter-narrative, led most notably by writer and long-time Hackney resident Iain Sinclair.

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Anthology: The Best British Short Stories 2011

UK paperback cover

There’s an art to ending a short story. A good finish leaves you feeling it was there all along, its signature running through everything like the words in a stick of rock. In TheBest British Short Stories 2011, editor Nicholas Royal emphasises how important a story’s ending is to him when picking out the best the form has to offer: “It may be an epiphany, or a change of heart, or pace or tone; a twist, perhaps, a revelation that calls into question everything that came before.

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