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Judy Darley — Girls in Windows

You'd chosen our hotel with such care, situated in the Museumplein district far from the scrambling mass of coffee shops and girls in windows. I did my best to hide my disappointment at being so far from what I felt to be the true life of Amsterdam, following you through the spacious rooms of the Van Gogh Museum, edging surreptitiously closer to the masterpieces to sniff their oil paint-scented exhalations. Read more →

Trip to Amsterdam

Government laws in Amsterdam have been rife with talks of shutting down its notorious coffee shops and phasing out the sales of marijuana to tourists by the end of 2011. News of this kind is enough to make any hippie/overindulgent student run to the nearest airport to grab a last weekend bender in the city before the laws finally pass. Never mind the lure of refreshing Heineken beer – marijuana is easily Amsterdam’s biggest draw in attracting visitors from around the world.

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