World Series Editions: Cuba

Welcome to the Litro’s Cuba editions, a salsa celebration of Caribbean literature and lust for life.

Featuring:Leading Cuban short story writer Aida Bahr who takes us to Santiago, in Cuba’s East, where she makes her home with her story Losing Twice. Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo’s Havana Hemicrania was written during the never-ending nights of his first, exiled, winter in Reykjavik. Karla Suarez, a leading figure in the Cuban arts scene before her departure in the late 1990s. Gives us Ravings a voice from the Special Period itself—the ‘90s, when economic crisis disrupted and re-formed Cuban society. Dazra Novak, one of Cuba’s strongest young voices, shows us the Cuba of today in her story Someone’s Stolen the Cockatiels.

Cuban-American artist and writer Coco Fusco explores the intersection between art and activism in her essay Taste as a Political Matter, while Havana poet Omar Pérezdiscusses improvisation in Off the Page . Geandy Pavon contributes a series of photographs on displacement and longing, The Cuban-Americans; and our Q&A is with Cuban classical guitarist Ahmed Dickinson Cárdenas, on bridging cultures. And many more.

World Series Editions