Home But Not by Jarred McGinnis

<em>Home But Not</em> by Jarred McGinnis
Illustration by Hannah Bagshaw
Jarred McGinnis

Jarred McGinnis, an American living in London, is the co-founder of the literary variety night, The Special Relationship. His fiction has been read, aloud and everything, on BBC Radio 4. He has also appeared in a number of very nice places like PANK and Atticus Review. He is wickedtomocktheafflicted.com.

Hannah Bagshaw is an illustrator based in London. She illustrates for acclaimed poetry anthology series Stop Sharpening Your Knives and online art and culture magazine Platform.

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  1. Barry Walsh says:

    Great writing. The whole novel will be special.

    Keep going, there can be few more important things for you to do than finish this story.

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